Leadership Evolution Coaching Program

Next Leadership Evolution Session Begins 1/6/2021


To enroll in this program, click on Contact Us above or email your request to michelle@freedomimpactgroup.com or heidi@freedomimpactgroup.com by 8/21/2020.  This program is limited to the first ten registrants.

Program Structure

  • Three month program

  • Led by 2-3 executive business leaders

  • Meet every Wednesday 5pm-6:30pm

  • 90 minute video call


Ideal Participants

  • Individual early in their Leadership Evolution, or preparing for future leadership opportunities

  • Committed to growth

  • Willing to fully engage



  • $400 per month for three months

  • Discount if paid in full

  • Includes leadership assessment and one-on-one coaching

Evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations.  Individuals with characteristics best suited to their environment are more likely to survive and individuals that are poorly adapted to their environment are less likely to survive.


The Leadership Evolution Coaching program was born from our desire to speed up the evolution process in emerging leaders.    


Module 1: Introducing the Program


Module 2: Reviewing the Self Assessment (one-on-one)

Module 3: Defining One Year Success

Module 4: Building Your Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Module 5: Presenting Your IDP


Module 6: Creating Room for Growth

Module 7: Building a Circle of Influence

Module 8: Raising Your Leadership Lid


Module 9: Leading at Any Level

Module 10: Mastering Crucial Conversations

Module 11: Becoming and Developing the Ideal Team Player

Module 12: Reviewing Your IDP (one-on-one)


Module 13: Reviewing the Emerging Leader Coaching Program